Tuesday, April 13, 2010
My KL trip..alone :)

I had this wacky idea last week, as Dear was traveling to New Delhi, i will be alone for my birthday. So i decided to take a trip to somewhere and just spend my birthday there. I chose KL as i been there before and dun require me to spend too much.

And as i'm travelling alone, KL is quite safe for me to move around. So i booked the hotel room and coach at a short notice and off i went. :)

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The family's car has exceeded the 150000km mark, yes it travelled a lot yet its only 3 years old.

So many things to do for this servicing and brought it to my workshop at AMK autopoint.

The car hoisted up.

The checklist:
Change engine oil
Replace oil filter
Replace spark plugs
Change transmission fluid
Flush radiator and change coolant
Bleed and replace brake fluid
Replace water pump belt
Replace water pump pulley

One more thing to the list is replace fuel filter but as i've to rush off for my appointment, i told the mechanic Ah Chye to do that another time when i'm free to drop by at the workshop.

The fuel filter being removed and cleaned, but no time to replace.

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Dinner with Dear

Met Dear after work on Monday, we walked from her office at Robinson road to Central at Clake Quay. We settled for japanese ramen at this nice place overlooking the Singapore river.

This is a Wafu Pizza, super thin cracker with teriyaki chicken glazed with mayonnaise

We had ramen too but we didn't take pictures.

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Monday, February 22, 2010
Chinese New Year

Going to do one CNY post, with various pics taken during the holidays.

Had this fantastic "Pen Chai" and first round of "yusheng" at Crystal Jade in Changi airport T3.

We saw this guy at Causeway Point after we watched " The Wolfman".

Didn't take many pics on the actual day of CNY, stayed home most of the time throughout " Chu yi to Chu San".

Celebrated my father's birthday at the Chinese Swimming Club's Tung Lok, its a double celebration as my father was born during CNY.

Took this at the lobby, looks like a Christmas tree but for chinese :)

My niece and nephews :)

The new addtion, Maximus from my 2nd sister :) Such huge eyes, so cute.

After the dinner, the staff at Tung Lok lined up and sang birthday song to my father, in english, chinese and even the cantonese version. The chef wrote this in the kitchen and served it up together with the cake i bought.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010
Has joined the iphone revolution

Bought a white 3GS iphone for dear for her birthday and valentine gift :)

And in the end, dear bought me a black one for valentine's day! Now we have the same phone, black and white.

These are not the actual phones we have as i cant take a pic of them cause the cam is on the phone itself.

So far so good for me, was worried that i may not transit well over to a full touchscreen.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Back for track day at Pasir Gudang

Visited PG again for a track day with Mel and frens :)

I didn't drive but with my own helmet, i got to take a ride in the cars round the tracks. Great fun seeing engines screaming and tires screeching.

At the entrance, i'm sitting in Jeremy's STI and in front of me is Ah Blah's EG civic

The pit building, its bascially an all Honda track day if u dun count Jeremy's STI :)

Mel's FD2R engine bay. This is the first time i get to take a shot of it. :)

The fame red head of the K20A

Jeremy's 2.5L flat four turbo-charged STI

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear had some invitation cards to go on top of the Swissotel, the helipad!

The view and wind on the top is just fantastic.

On the helipad we were given free drinks as well.

I wonder how fun will it be to fly a kite at the top :) Something i will never get to try.

When night comes, the lights of our city's landscape is so beautiful.

Dear and i on the roof :) New Asia Bar was alright, but too crowded for comfort so we left for Insomnia at CHIJMES for some drinks and food, not to forget the live band.

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